Touching base on trauma! 

So, what behaviours does a child show when they have suffered a trauma? And what is classed as a trauma?

Well, a trauma is an experience that an individual can find deeply distressing or disturbing. A child can suffer a trauma from a range of different things and even the most well looked after and loved child can suffer trauma. 

Trauma can show its face from many different experiences, just some of these include:

Losing someone close. Death in the family for example.

Physical injury – maybe hospital or dental treatment

Neglect/Abuse – from parents, relative, friends … anyone

Accident / illness or even parents getting divorced (including one parent leaving the house)

Some symptoms of trauma in a child:

Nightmares, bed wetting, toilet accidents during the day

Becoming withdrawn, having a fear of adults (particularly if it reminds them of an event), fear of being separated from a parent or caregiver, being anxious.

Irritability, sadness, crying, tantrums

Sleeping too much, being lethargic or sometimes the opposite and not being able to sleep.

Developing a bad temper, aggression, acting out in social situations, being verbally abusive, scare or startle easily, attention seeking through positive or negative behaviour

Lack of trust, blame themselves for the trauma, unable to make friends, lose friends, lack self-confidence. 

Vomiting, headaches, stomach aches, poor appetite or weight loss, sometimes excessive eating or maybe not understanding when they are full.

Showing poor skill development, fall behind in age related expectations such as verbal skills, communication, memory problems, focus etc


I will write a blog soon about my personal experiences of living with a child suffering trauma and how this affects the child AND the family. Including situations and how we have dealt with them whether it failed or was successful. If you have anything you would like to add to the blog, please please feel free. My blog is open to all and discussions are important.

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